Sunday, September 13, 2009

Go Bucks!


So, sadly my beloved Buckeyes lost today against USC (15 to 18).  However, I must make this clear...I am NO fair-weather fan.  I will continue to show them my support and eventually the heartbreak will subside.  I give sincere kudos to the USC quarterback who said three "praise God's" in his sideline interview following the game.  In a time when everyone seems to thank God first and foremost, it sometimes feels like it's just the thing to say.  It felt to me like he REALLY meant it.  That makes me feel better already.  Good game to all involved.  And praises to God for allowing us to see another day and enjoy another game...and I'm not just saying that.  I LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL!

Stay tuned for our annual family Buckeye pics. Here are some from last year...


Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Being on Ohio girl GOTTA LUV the BUCKEYES!!!! Sad to see them go down with a loss BUT just watching the game at the Horseshoe, the band writin the script, hearing the roar, GIVES ME TINGLES EVERYTIME!!

Courtney Baker said...

I'm totally with you! I love when you feel like they really mean it, and aren't just saying it!

Your kiddos are so cute by the way!

Alison said...

Cherie, you have the cutest family! A lot of my husbands family is from Ohio and his Dad is also a Buckeye's fan! :)

Katie said...

We're LSU fans so I'm not sad to see the Buckeyes lose (sorry!). But you do have a beautiful family, despite those colors! :)

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