Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crazy Day

Okay, so I’m going to pretty real with you today so the faint of heart should close this post now. I had a crazy day. It started crazy and calmed in the middle and ended crazy.

I was late to work today. Late for a meeting which I host. That’s never a good way to start the day. Showing up with everyone but the host already in attendance. I hurriedly rushed in with my purse and without my notes. Just as prepared as usual…not! (I know that’s an outdated phrase by the way, so save it). Anyway, I had a extremely MUNDANE day working on org charts. You might ask yourself why am I doing this mundane task when there are perfectly capable administrative assistance to do this, as I did when I was an administrative assistant. You might ask but….you’d be waiting until eternity for a good answer, so don’t bother asking.

Anyway, I headed from work late to pick up my boys because my dear hubby needed to work late. It’s my usual routine to be a little late to daycare. Not that makes it okay, but I’d hate to throw off their routine of being late to get to their families, due to my late arrival at daycare.

As I was just getting out of the car I felt this strange and depressing familiar sensation….

You know that Always commercial when the girl is getting off the elevator just to discover that her skirt is tucked into her pantyhose and the tag line is….

“A leak would be worse.”

…well lets just say I can completely relate to this tag line. Me and my lovely cream colored pants walked sideways and used strange things to not so discreetly keep my backside away from the view of the daycare staff. Did I mention that this was my second day in a row of my being relate to that lovely little tag line?

So anyway, I picked up the boys and due to my little “situation” my plan to drop by the grocery store was out of the question, without a quick trip home. So home I went. I had planned a quick zip in the house and out, but of course Cammy who had been wheezing the whole way home had to have a snack, so in we went to take care of my “problem” and get him his watermelon cubes and his breathing machine.

Off to the store we went, setting up the breathing machine as we bounced down the driveway. But wait!...where is the thingy we use to plug the blasted thing in?...Where you ask?...not in the car that’s for sure.  So off to work we go to find two of the thingy’s in my dear hubby’s car….(a shaving emergency caused him to grab the one from my car….lovely!

So, I picked up thingy, and got Cammy going on the breathing treatment. We hit the grocery store and then went home to cook dinner.

I got the ground beef cooking, and turned the water on to boil for spaghetti which is where the insanity continued. It went something like this…

1. Somehow the flame for boiling the water got switched off which I didn’t discover until a while later as the gas streamed into the room. I open the window.

2. Next I preheated the oven and opened my crescent rolls which sat unrefrigerated for too long and were now unable to be separated into six triangles and were more like sticky blobs that I rolled into various shapes.

3. Then later as Jamison played in the pantry I looked down to see a huge mess of sage all over the floor. It’s amazing what those little cans can hold.

4. The house begins to fill with smoke due to something going on with the broiler.

5. Fire alarm goes off; I run to fan it with a towel.

6. Vacuum up the sage

7. Fire alarm goes off; I run to fan it with a towel.  I open the french door.

8. I begin to realize that maybe the smoke is not due to just to the broiler, but my burning crescent rolls.

9. Remove burnt crescent rolls from the oven.

10. Kids eat

11. I eat

12. Camden tells me one of my burnt crescent rolls looks like a whale.

13. I do story time

14. I put kids to bed

15. I type this post for your amusement and reading pleasure.

I’m going to bed now. Thanks for letting me vent to you…all four of you.  Good night.

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Katie said...

Sorry that you had a crazy day, girl! And I can totally relate to the Always moment!!!

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