Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Camden had his first taste of fish via fish sticks and our trust of the Gorton's Fisherman the other day. Am I the only one who thought the fisherman's name was Gordon? Anyway, despite his odd expression in this picture, they were a big hit with him. Shocking I know, a kid liking something deep fried that he can dip in ketchup. Somebody alert the media! While they will not be served at every meal being able to add another egg-free food to his list is always nice. I curse those stinking food allergies! Here are some of the latest Cammy Quotes...
Mommy: Camden have you ever had fish sticks?

Camden: Fish sticks?
Mommy: Yea
Camden: No, but that sounds yummy!
Camden: Or...maybe marshmallows on sticks! That would be yummy!
Mommy: That would be yummy, but we're having fish sticks.

Mommy: Camden do you know what foods you are allergic to?
Camden: Yep, I'm allergic to eggs
...and doughnuts!

The Wierdo Wierdo Family