Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finding the Beauty

I got a new application on my phone for taking pictures. I captured some lovely pictures around our farm. Some of these things when I pass them every day going to and fro irritate me. They are things that need to get cleaned up or add clutter to an otherwise serene environment, but this day I was able to find the beauty in them. Enjoy

Take time to find the beauty in those everyday irritations.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gift Exchange Wish List


  1. Lowes Gift Card
  2. Kohl's Gift Card
  3. Target Gift Card


  1. Bunny's Sew Fine Frabics Gift Card (28 Price Road 366-1433)
  2. Luxurious Terry Cloth Robe
  3. Jo Ann Frabics Gift Card


  1. $40 Gift Certificate to barbershop downtown (Self Image W. Church Street)
  2. $25 Gift Certificate to anywhere else
  3. ??


  1. $25 Gift Card from fishing shop on Union Street (lost all of his things at dillon lake - tackle box, lures, hooks :-()


  1. Skil 6 inch Red Bench Grinder 2.1 amp $49.97 on sale at Lowes for 39.97. Item number 20842
  2. Kobalt 2 1/4 ton Blue floor jack $46.97 (Item Number 87805) - Lowes


  1. Lowes Gift Card
  2. Home Depot Gift Card
  3. Best Buy Gift Card


  1. Surprise me :-)
  2. Silver lariat necklace (simple/delicate)
  3. Inspi(red) long sleeve red T-shirt from the gap


  1. Mikasa white wine glasses in the blue box at Macy's on sale for $34.99 (The decorated wine glasses, not flutes, not martini, or highballs)
  2. Target Gift Card (for random shopping) or a game (Mad Gab, Taboo, Apples to Apples etc…or whatever seems fun to you!)
  3. Kohls gift card


  1. Sweater and matching scarf
  2. Gift card from store of choice
  3. Protein


  1. Guitar
  2. I-Home
  3. Television


  1. Clothes (Pants 36w 30L; Shirts XL)
  2. Hoodies (no zipper)
  3. Gift Cards
  4. Basics (socks, underwear, etc)


  1. Clothes (Pants 12 or 14; Shirts L)
  2. Gift Cards (Aeropostle, American Eagle, etc)
  3. Basics (socks underwear, etc


  1. Star wars ship
  2. Transformers (get gift receipt, he has a few already)
  3. Star Wars stuff
  4. Surprise him


  1. Surprise him
  2. Clothes sizes 12 - 18 months

The Wierdo Wierdo Family