Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sinus Infection with a Smile

Poor Jamison has a sinus infection. I was sure it was an ear infection as every time I touched his ears he would cry, but nope, according to Dr. L his ears are fine. I was thankful to get him into the walk in clinic this morning with no wait. Despite his ongoing battles with colds for what seems like the last 6 months of his 9 months of life, I have to say he is a very happy boy. He almost never fails to produce a smile.

He and I had a pretty relaxed morning as we traveled between doctor's office, pharmacy (for an antibiotic), McDonald's (for some sustenance), post office (which was closed) back to the pharmacy and then another post office (only to find out they didn't have what we needed), so we had to go to the bank. I'll tell you lugging Jamos in that heavy car seat around gave me the exercise I had planned to skip today. We sat in the car at the closed post office and ate (he had oatmeal; I had a sausage, egg & cheese McMuffin). It was nice sitting in the car listening to Dr. Robin and Nate Berkus on Oprah XM. We watched people pull up, get out of their car, just as we had, and realize that the post office was closed. We watched them climb back into their car a little irritated with their envelope, box or whatever. We were contentedly munching away. All in all a good morning.

We're taking Camden roller-skating today. That should be an interesting adventure. Pictures to follow (if we survive). Well my smiling one with the sinus infection has pooped and although he's smiling and the smell isn't bothering him, my smile is fading quickly, so I'm off to change him.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday...I should be sleeping

We went to Ash Wednesday services today. This is my first time that I can recall ever attending services on Ash Wednesday. You're supposed to think about what you can give up during Lent (The 40 days between now and Easter) and/or what you can bring into your life to draw you closer to God. We washed our hands in bowls around the church and then everyone went up to the front to have ashes placed on their foreheads or hands. It's to symbolize that we started from ashes and to ashes we will return. I might be missing some things, but that's the basics of what I took from it. Regarding what I'm giving up and adding to my life, I've decided to do the following:

  1. No gossiping (which I shouldn't do anyway...even if I'm just on the receiving end of it)
  2. Read my bible daily
  3. Volunteer at Heartbeats (if they'll have me)

It ended up being a very emotional and teary evening for me which means I'm typing this through puffy eyes. I should be sleeping but the appeal of the blogging world has drawn me in yet again. I received my first comments to my blog (Thanks Samantha!). To be honest, it's kind of scary when you know someone outside of your family circle is actually reading your blog. You feel like your emotions, mundane thoughts and ridiculous attempts at humor are somehow under a microscope. The lovely thing about it is that there are no rules to this thing and it's perfectly okay to be yourself...which is exactly what I intend to do. I'm taking my puffy eyes to bed now and hoping the swelling is gone by the morning which is just hours away.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Have You Seen Me?

Bald headed bright eyed infant.

Authorities fear the child may have been EATEN by this kid:

The Notorious Curly Haired Bandit

Innocent bowl of chili or....?

Notorious may be traveling with his brother The TOOTHLESS TORMENTOR who he is believed to be grooming. Authorities fear that if the duo are not caught soon, that Toothless may suffer the same fate as the missing child above.

You may know these two as the sons of the dreaded Stone Cold who taught the pair everything they know and may also be traveling with them.

Stone Cold circa 2009

If you see these individuals or have any details about the bald ones whereabouts, please contact the authorities - aka - mommy!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Cora is with Jesus today.

Okay, so I know I'm really new to this blogging world. I know that the only people who read this are my sister, Ducky and occasionally Sweet Pea, but I need whoever happens upon my blog to pray for precious Cora's family as she went to be with Jesus today. My heart is so broken over the loss of this lovely little one who I never knew personally. I am praying for God to strengthen Cora's parents. I am praying for God to strengthen my faith and belief that He is really there, that Cora is with Him, that those I have loved and lost in Him are with Him. I am praying for help in my own personal heartbreaks. I can't imagine that the tears I have shed today (and I've shed a lot) are anything like those of Cora's parents. Her parents faithfulness in not only asking for prayers for Cora but FIRST offering up praises through her short and devastating illness is a thing of beauty and an example to us all. It is a reminder that we should be faithful to God in not only the good moments, but in the moments of complete despair. Cora's life and death is a reminder to us "But for the grace of God go I...or my Camden or my Jamison". None of us is exempt, none of us is in control. It is God's timing, not ours. His plan and His will are perfect, even when we cannot understand it. Get close to those you love, cherish each moment with them, and most importantly get close to the God who saves.

God bless and keep you. Thanks for your prayers.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentines Day Wish

Camden and his class are doing a valentine's day party next week. We will be purchasing cards for Cammy's class exchange. He's signed up to bring conversation hearts.

Oh doesn't that take you back to your childhood?

Begging your parents to take you to buy those cheap perforated valentines day cards

Finding the perfect one for that boy or girl that you were ga ga over

Adding hearts over the i's, hoping your beloved would read between the lines
...It meant so much to me at the time, I really hoped he'd notice how I felt about him ....
Sorry, I digressed. Back to my story...

A few weeks ago we went to a birthday party for Camden's classmate Emily. Emily and Cammy go way back. They used to be watched by Emily's grandmother when they were both around 4 months old. When they began daycare they coincidentally ended up in the same class. And get this...they both are allergic to eggs! Well, when we got to Emily's 4th birthday party a couple of weeks ago, her father promptly reported to me that we were family. Emily had told her parents that morning that she and Camden had gotten married. As you might imagine , this came as a surprise to me....and Camden who denied that any nuptials had occurred. Well the party went well. It was held at McDonald's, the cake was egg-free, and Camden got Emily a Jasmine barbie doll (This was an improvement over his first purchase for her...OPTIMUS PRIME!!!) They ran amok in the play place, played games and had a great time.

Well the other day we went into daycare and on the board Ms. Holmberg had all the kids names listed and beside each name was what they wished for or loved on Valentines day. I just got Camden out of his coat when the following conversation ensued.

Camden: "Mommy, look on the board, Ms. Holmberg asked us what we wished for for Valentine's day"

Mommy: "That's nice"

Camden: "Dominick wished for his brother, he calls him Bubby"

Mommy: "That's nice"

Camden: "I wished for Jamison"

Mommy: "That's so sweet"

Camden: "Awww, look mommy, Emily wished for me!"

"...I know, I'm allergice to eggs too!
Sarah doesn't understand you like I do
(Look out Sarah, there's competition in town...)

The Wierdo Wierdo Family