Saturday, January 23, 2010

Free as a bird

My dear hubby and I have the lovely pleasure of having a sister (mine) and sister-in-law (his) who is child free and loves her nephews. She also has a fiance who my Camden just adores. Seriously, how many 5 year old boys have a 35 year old best friend?

They graciously agreed to keep our little babes for us overnight so that we could have some much needed couple time. We have been traipsing around Easton, The Short North, and everywhere else, just as free as we please and we like it!

This trip hasn't been without it's adventures....

Earlier in the week, my dear hubby informed me that he had discovered mouse droppings in the back of the car. On our way to set off on our big journey of freedom, I opened the glove box and discovered some very meticulously shredded napkins and what I think is the inside liner to my missing glove (also shredded). We quickly closed the box and made a bee line for the closest car wash to empty and vacuum the car and search for Micky, Despereaux, or whatever his name was. We didn't find him, which left me a little uneasy. So uneasy in fact that I left a few chocolate pieces on the floor in order to discover whether or not he was still roaming around in there. The jury is still out.

We had a great meal at Schmidt's a fun restaurant in German Village. We roamed around in downtown Columbus enjoying the shops and almost purchased this antique workbench that we both liked. (We going to check it out again today). We checked into our hotel and commenced on our usual trek to our favorite Easton stores (Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, etc.) We enjoyed crab legs and cocktails at McCormick and Schmiks, purchased a fun book at Barnes and Noble which allowed us to keep the conversation flowing and headed over to Fado's. There was live music playing and we settled ourselves along a walled shelf and flipped through our book. We laughed, we flirted (with each other) and we sang out loud.

It was really a fun night. We made our way back to the room around 1:00 am for a little R&R. Now we have another whole day to look forward too. Did I mention how much I LOVE my baby sister and her fiance?

This trip is already a million times then our last overnight (where I got adventurous enough to try oysters on the half shell and spent 6 hours of our final morning puking and pooping). It was a horrific scene. But let's not reflect on the past, especially a past that involves puke and poop.

Who knows what adventures await us today. Can't wait to see if my little chocolate trap worked...Stay tuned!

As we were heading into the hotel we happened upon a quotable moment. We were gathering all of the stuff from the car to take into the hotel. My hubby noticed one of my books in the back pocket of the seat. My arms were full and we were heading into the hotel.

Hubby: Do you want to take your (Ill give you the title in just a sec.) book into the hotel?
Me: I'll just come back and get it later.
Hubby: (Starts laughing hysterically)
Me: (Also laughing, turn on my heal and embarassingly go back for the book)

The book title...Overcoming Procrastination for Dummies.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Avoiding bath time

Kids say the darndest things...

Mommy to Camden: You need to get a bath.

Camden: Aw, I don't want to take a bath

Mommy: As soon as I get done putting away these clothes, I'm going to
give you a bath

(Mommy starts gathering the folded piles)

Camden: Um...can you put the clothes away one at a time?

Mommy: No, but that's a clever idea

Camden: Did you put them away one at a time?

Mommy: No

Camden: Are you sorry?

Mommy: No

Camden: You should have been

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