Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Menu

Well, the 2009 Christmas holiday season is upon us and mouths are beginning to water in eager anticipation of some very yummy Christmas dishes. Here's what's being served up at my family's holiday gathering.

  1. Ham - Mom

  2. Roast - Mom or Calista

  3. Sweet Potatos - Mom

  4. Deviled Eggs - Tatum

  5. Eggplant dish - Mom

  6. Greens - Mom

  7. Homemade Noodles - Andy and Von

  8. Shrimp Tree - Andy and Von

  9. Brocolli Casserole - Tatum

  10. Puppy chow - Calista

  11. Dutch Apple Pie - Dad

  12. EGG-Free Mac & Cheese - Calista
I'm full just looking at this list, but will give it that ole' college try on getting a sampling of everything on the menu. Hope your holiday is all that you dream it to be. God Bless you and yours.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Wish List

Santa has tasked his big boy helper Camden to train a new recruit this year in the gift giving category.

The chosen elf of the month is Jamos, who is going to assist in creating the Christmas lists for all the good girls and boys.

Elf of the Month: Jamos

Jamos was a little overwhelmed by this great big assignment at first and tried to back out.

But with a little coaching, he became much more comfortable...

So without further ado...Here's Jamos!

Dear Santa: For Christmas this year...
Paw-paw would like:

Maw-maw would like:

1. Elder Beerman Gift Card
2. JC Penney's Gift Card

Auntie Calista would like:

1. Comforter set (NOT white)

2. Gift Card

3. ???

Uncle Lawrence would like:

1. $50.00 Gift Card to Buckeye Outdoors

2. $50.00 Gift Card to Wal-Mart

Daddy (Andy) would like:

1.Phillips Norelco 7340

2.Fire extinguisher kidde basic (upc 0 47871 66142 8) (Lowes item # Item #: 3741)

3. Lowe's - Fire extinguisher Kidde living area fire ex upc 0 47871 05770 2 (Lowe's item # 121312) $29.97

4. Lowe's - Carbon monoxide alarm kidde upc 0 47871 07309 2 (Lowe's item # 4726) $39.97

5. Lowe's - 4' Werner Fiberglass Stepladder 225 lbs. (Green) upc 0 51751 03285 7 (Lowe's item # 94570) $49.00

6. Lowe's - Werner ladder bumper covers 1 pair upc 0 51751 03905 4 (Lowe's item # 56148) $9.98

7. Lowe's - Kobalt 3 pc. Grove joint pliers set upc 8 20909 508860 1 (Lowe's item # 284370) $21.98

Chrisy would like:

1: KichenAid 3-Cup White Plastic Hand Blender

2. Dremel 1.15 Amp Keyed Rotary Tool

3. Black & Decker 350-Amp Automotive Jump Starter

Mommy (Vonetta) would like:

1: Silver Pandora Charm Bracelet (preferred)

2. Brighton Badge Lanyard

(Both stores at Easton)

Auntie Tatum would like:

$50.00 Lowes Gift Card

$50.00 Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card

$50.00 Bare Essentials Gift Card

Uncle Armond would like:

1. Blazer (Camel or Navy 48L)
2. Dress Shoes (black or brown)
3. Belt (black or brown)
4. Coffee maker
5. Crock pot
6. Ped Egg and other pedicure accessories
7. Scarves

Uncle Datus would like:

1. $50 Gift Card to Finish Line

2. $50 Gift card to ITUNES

3. $50 Gift card to Amazon.com

4. GAP jeans loose fit light jeans 31 32

As you can tell I've been keeping a very close eye on each of them Santa and although they had the occassional slip up, for the most part they've been good. Please don't forget the $50 dollar spending requirement Santa.

And if the gift costs less than $50.00, please attach the cash difference to the gift.

It'll be mad money for the recipient and make sure everyone is gifted equally.

Merry Christmas!

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chuck Taylors

We went out to our local aboretum for family pictures last week...(images coming soon) Of course family pictures are a great occassion to do a little shoe shopping. I decided to treat Jamos to some new sneakers for the special ocassion.

...I think not.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

He is Love

This post is to celebrate my precious baby boy Jamison. He is so lovely to me. It's amazing how two people can come together with God's help and create a life. A life that is totally different in personality and mannerism to the other life that God allowed you to create just 3 1/2 years earlier. Each life is just as important, but so very different and unique. Precious Jamos. My life wouldn't be the same without you.

I could get lost forever in those eyes...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My New Signature

So here is my new signature. A great idea that I found from one of my favorite website writers C Jane. I'll be adding this and other tags to all of my posts. It's in my favorite color too!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Zoo Time

We had a fabulous time at the zoo the other week. Dear hubby and I already had the day off and decided we'd keep the boys home from daycare and set out on a family adventure to the zoo. The crowds were small and the temperature was perfect.

Everyone say CHEESE!

There was a lovely Mama and baby elephant. They were easy to fall in love with.

Jamison became fast friends with this little guy.

Even through this thick pane of glass this tiger kept a keen eye on Jamos and Jamos kept a weary eye on him. Jamos even jumped back a few times when he walked by. It's amazing how he already gets the predator and prey roles...That tiger looked hungry.

After the run in with the real deal he wanted nothing to do with this tiger...metal or not. He was outta there!

The fearless Camden conquered the tiger with his sinister smile.

After a long and exhausting day at the zoo we headed through the parking lot toward the car. Jamos having had as much as he could take and finally succumbed to the the call of Mr. Sandman, but not before he gave us some very funny footage of a kid trying to win the battle over gravity...gravity won.

Enjoy funny video below.

I hope that it doesn't make me a bad mommy that I watched this over and over again and laughed harder and harder. It broke my heart a little too....a little. My poor sleepy head.

It was a fun day.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Zoo pics coming soon - Giveaway on Lola B's blog!

So I'm a little behind getting the pictures from our recent trip to the zoo. The hold up is the hilarious video from the zoo that I'm trying to download to blogger is taking like a hundred years. Really, it's more like a few hours. I don't know how people do it, I need more tips and tricks on navigating this blogging world!

Anyway, in the meantime, if you want to checkout a lovely blog that will make your heart happy go over to Lola B's. She's having an awesome give away, but most importantly you can enjoy her beautiful writing and hear a little Priscilla Ahn and some other feel good music.

Have a great weekend, my precious followers...all 5 of you!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Two by Two

Camden came home the other day with an assignment he had worked on in school. The directions on the top of the Noah's Ark themed assignment were...

Draw a matching animal so that you will have two.

Here is his precious artwork, which had my eyes streaming with tears of laughter and pride.

Tigers and tigers and tigers...oh my!

The Turtle and the turtle

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Curious George and his brother George W....:-)

We found Nemo! His time lost at sea has taken quite a toll.

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails!

That's SOME pig!

All kidding aside, I couldn't be more proud!
I give this assignment an A+ for talent and good humor. These are truly precious times.
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