Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Zoo Time

We had a fabulous time at the zoo the other week. Dear hubby and I already had the day off and decided we'd keep the boys home from daycare and set out on a family adventure to the zoo. The crowds were small and the temperature was perfect.

Everyone say CHEESE!

There was a lovely Mama and baby elephant. They were easy to fall in love with.

Jamison became fast friends with this little guy.

Even through this thick pane of glass this tiger kept a keen eye on Jamos and Jamos kept a weary eye on him. Jamos even jumped back a few times when he walked by. It's amazing how he already gets the predator and prey roles...That tiger looked hungry.

After the run in with the real deal he wanted nothing to do with this tiger...metal or not. He was outta there!

The fearless Camden conquered the tiger with his sinister smile.

After a long and exhausting day at the zoo we headed through the parking lot toward the car. Jamos having had as much as he could take and finally succumbed to the the call of Mr. Sandman, but not before he gave us some very funny footage of a kid trying to win the battle over gravity...gravity won.

Enjoy funny video below.

I hope that it doesn't make me a bad mommy that I watched this over and over again and laughed harder and harder. It broke my heart a little too....a little. My poor sleepy head.

It was a fun day.

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