Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Miracle

So, yesterday started off grumpy and continued that way off and on...mostly on.  My dear hubby decided he would take Cam to visit his great Mam-ma for a while leaving me here with Jamos, who was napping. 

Before they left Cam started searching for crafts to take with him.  He asked me what I wanted to make for me while he was my frustration and exhaustion I said "A miracle".  He asked what a miracle was made of and I rambled out something like happy wishes and dreams come true, and people who were kind. 

They left and I had on college football which made me feel a little better. I LOVE college football, no matter who's playing I can watch it all day on Saturday and Sunday. I always cheer for the underdog unless my team is playing...Go Bucks!

The boys bid me farewell and my dear hubby suggested I take a nap.  I thought this was a good idea so of course Jamos, sensing I was about to finally get some much deserved sleep, woke promptly up and demanded my attention and energy. 

I spent the next several hours watching football dozing on the couch and waking up startled to see where Jamos had wandered to...most of the time he had nestled himself into the media closet pulling DVD cases off the shelves.  I know, bad mommy!  I deserved to be punished by being sent to my room for an indeterminate period of time......for a nap.

My hubby and Cam came home later that evening with the ingredients for the chilli he wanted to make.  I was in the middle of my single glass of wine when they arrived.  While he was working on his chilli which he later professed was "Some GOOD chilli"...and also said was burning his lips, Camden said he had a surprise for me.  "Close your eyes", he said.  I obeyed his request and then he said "Okay, you can open them."  Again, I obeyed.

"What is it?"  I asked him.

"It's your miracle!" he said. 

It was beautiful.

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