Wednesday, September 9, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

My dear hubby knows me so well.  The things that crack me up..."I used to go home and think about..." (inside B&N joke).  The memories that reduce me to tears.  The special little things that bring a smile to my face...which brings me to this post. 
The other day, which will be referred to from this day forward as "Grumpy Saturday" the same grumpy day that my dear Cammy brought me "My miracle" (see my earlier post), my husband, upon his return home, asked me to close my eyes as he had a surprise for me.  Being the ever obedient wife that I am (quiet your snickers), I did as I was asked. 
All of a sudden a heavenly aroma filled my nose. An aroma I am familiar with.  An aroma that always makes me feel happy and full of contentment.

I love the smell of cedar and my dear hubby knows what it does to me....
Raindrops on cedar and whiskers on kittens
Bright cedar kettels and warm cedar mittens
Brown cedar packages tied up with string
Cedar is one of my favorite things...
That's one of MANY reasons why I love him.  He is also one of my FAVORITE things.
Raindrops on Andy and ...

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