Sunday, September 28, 2008

Here I Am!

I can cross one thing off of my personal bucket list. I've created my blog!

I had a beautiful summer off and decided to set some personal goals. This being one of them. I enjoyed a few massages, lunches with friends and family, and some serious self reflection. What I didn't do... organize those family pictures, the media closet, or put away my summer clothes. The most important thing I did? I enjoyed time with lovely new little Jamos!

I'm excited to get some things done, savor the moments, and enjoy life. Speaking of enjoying life, check out three of my greatest joys...

My favorite trio!

Aren't they a handsome bunch. It's sort of nice to be the only girl around the house. Adored by three men. Camden says he's going to marry me. How long do you think I'll be the girl of his dreams...six months?...maybe a year? I'm not rushing it. It'll be over sooner than I'm ready.

Please give a warm
round of applause to the adorable...
Jamison Andrew"Jamos" Born: May 16, 2008 Time: 5:10 pm Weight: 7lb 9oz

He's the newest cutie on the block. Lovely curly dark hair and a smile that'll knock your socks off. I'm serious, his smiles are like little gifts he gives to everyone he meets. Consider yourself blessed to receive one. I do...each and every time. It has been very nice to have our new baby in the house. He is a lovely addition. We're a lot more calm than we were with Cammy. It's much easier the second time around. The big question: Will there be a THIRD time around? Stay tuned...

Big Brother Camden

Once upon a time there was a lovely little boy with sandy brown and golden ringlets. The little boy was loved by many and brought joy to all who knew him. The little boy enjoyed very special things like singing Johnny Cash and Ray Charles and memorizing superhero movie theme songs. He could wrap anyone around his little finger with just a glance of his large brown almond shaped eyes.

I told you...You're wrapped right around his little finger aren't you?
The End.

...and his colorful Big Boy Room

My dear husband expended a lot of blood, sweat and tears to create this BIG boy room for Cammy. This is the BIG unveiling.

Okay, well maybe there was no blood, sweat or tears, but he did put a lot of hard work into helping Camden prepare for his new little brother and giving up his nursery.

Thank you honey for all your hard work. It looks great!

Brotherly bonding or force feeding? You be the judge.

Maybe it depends on which one of them you are...

Cammy Quotes...

Camden: "Hey mommy, today I had a lot of snot accidents."

Mommy: " Where are they?"

Camden: "They're on tissues…in the trashcan …in the bathroom."

Camden: "Some of them were bubbles!"

The Wierdo Wierdo Family