Saturday, September 18, 2010

Welcome Back College Football!

Is everyone as excited as I am that college football is back? We've taken our annual photograph in support of our beloved Ohio State Buckeyes. O-H! (True Buckeye fans will know how to respond).

As you might guess, the family television will be fixed on college football each and every weekend until sadly the season is over. As it stands now it is just beginning and you can tell by our smiles that we are happy about that.

Yes, I forced everyone to pose like this!

My dearest friend Julie got tickets to the OSU vs. OU game. And guess who she invited...ME!


OU is Julie's alma mater so she had to make a choice on which team she would support for the game. As you can tell she opted to support her Bobcats a-k-a "the underdog".

That in no way stopped us from keeping it friendly and assuming our usual pose for some photos. We're not too shy around a camera :-)
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Bobcat & Buckeye Pride

Before I end my post I must give a shout out of THANKS to my baby sister who changed her important weekend plans to accommodate my obsession for the Buckeyes.  Ain't she pretty!?

And I can't forget my dear hubby who had our little kiddos from morning till going on 8:00 pm and counting...  What can I say...he loves me.  Mwah!

Happy College Football season to all!  Go Bucks!

Making Things Right

Today I made a fearless attempt to make things right. 
Enough said.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Notable Moments - Part 1

So, it's been a little while since I've given my blog the courtesy of a new post. In my neglect, I failed to note two significant events from this past two weeks. The first, which I will share today is Camden's first day of kindergarten. has officially begun...the beginning of my child's formal education.

On August 23, 2010, my dearest Camden became a Kindergartner!

I have to say it was a bittersweet event for us all. So proud that we've been able to raise our first born to this important milestone in his life, yet hard to see him taking yet another step toward independence and growing up.

Camden is in Mrs. Armbruster's (known to the kiddos as Mrs. A) kindergarten class.

Although he's located at the same place he attended daycare and preschool, there is definitely a different element to kindergarten. The classroom is more structured, with desks and all. There are more rules and he will even have the occasional homework!

They have stations where they stay on top of the days of the week and months of the year as well as keeping up with the calendar and weather.

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They have books, games and crafts.

As well as an art wall where they've already done self portraits.

Anyone look familiar?

There is of course a play area, where the kids can be kids.

Is it me, or does this kid look a little small for kindergarten?

Oh Jamos, it's YOU!  How did you get in here?!  Do the big kids know you're in here playing with their toys?

I hope that Andy and I can step up to the challenge of being active and supportive parents when it comes to our children's education. It really does take a village to raise a child. At the very least it takes the involvement of two interested and committed parents. I don't want our kids to coast along through their education, passively sitting by while they struggle or just make it.

I want to see them excel, recognizing when they need help and providing them the encouragement to overcome and stay on top. I guess all parents want that...right? The true test of who wants it enough comes when you realize that if they have homework, you have homework. Parental homework comes in realizing that in their youth and short attention spans that they may not consider studying a high priority. It's knowing that they don't understand the importance of an education at this age. It's knowing that there is a WORLD of successes available to them at this moment...when it's all just beginning.

As you might imagine it was an EXHAUSTING day for Camden
...and his little brother.

This post is about recognizing this important milestone in Camden's life and formally declaring my commitment to do all that I can as a mother to help him achieve all that life has to offer. Here's to Camden ending up at the top of his class! Keep us in your prayers.

Coming Soon:  Notable Moments - Part 2 - My Dear Hubby's birthday!

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