Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Mouse Story...Part II

Dear hubby and I had a great time on our kid free weekend. There was no horrifying oyster debacle this time around. We ended the weekend with two very happy children and a very clean car. The mouse never did show up to eat my little chocolate pieces and my mind was set at ease.

We woke up on Monday and got ready to head back to work feeling refreshed and ready to be productive. The kids were on their way to daycare for their daily dose of education and play. On the way, to drop them off as we coasted down the road, I thought I'd open the glove box in search of napkins, or something.

Much to my horror, the once clean glove box was complete FILLED with a huge tufts of some white cottony substance with all these little black flecks throughout. I quickly let out some indescribable sound and closed the box as quickly as I could.

...our little friend was back.

Needless to say I spent the rest of the ride with every muscle tensed and trying not to disturb anything for fear that good ole Mickey might run from underneath something. It was awful.

I got into my office and told everyone of my take of horror. I could see the look of fear and amusement across all of their faces. Needless to say the suggestions came pouring in...

"Don't use poison or it will die somewhere in the car and stink things up"
"You should call a professional to get it out"
"Try old fashioned traps with peanut butter...mice love peanut butter"

I just wanted it gone. So hesitantly me and the hubby climbed back into the car for lunch that day (after peering like wimps through the windows). We headed to Lowes for some old fashioned mouse traps and then home to get the peanut butter and switch to the mouse-free Tahoe.

So here we are...THREE weeks later and guess what we have...a car covered in snow, and four peanut butter covered mouse traps that haven't trapped a thing. I swear that thing is trying to torment me by keeping me out of my CRV and away from my XM satellite radio. I am missing my Gayle King Show broadcasts and things are getting desperate.

Am I crazy or is there mouse poop on the trap?

You know what I think mice like more than peanut butter? XM Satellite radio with Gayle King. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

The Wierdo Wierdo Family