Saturday, September 18, 2010

Welcome Back College Football!

Is everyone as excited as I am that college football is back? We've taken our annual photograph in support of our beloved Ohio State Buckeyes. O-H! (True Buckeye fans will know how to respond).

As you might guess, the family television will be fixed on college football each and every weekend until sadly the season is over. As it stands now it is just beginning and you can tell by our smiles that we are happy about that.

Yes, I forced everyone to pose like this!

My dearest friend Julie got tickets to the OSU vs. OU game. And guess who she invited...ME!


OU is Julie's alma mater so she had to make a choice on which team she would support for the game. As you can tell she opted to support her Bobcats a-k-a "the underdog".

That in no way stopped us from keeping it friendly and assuming our usual pose for some photos. We're not too shy around a camera :-)
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Bobcat & Buckeye Pride

Before I end my post I must give a shout out of THANKS to my baby sister who changed her important weekend plans to accommodate my obsession for the Buckeyes.  Ain't she pretty!?

And I can't forget my dear hubby who had our little kiddos from morning till going on 8:00 pm and counting...  What can I say...he loves me.  Mwah!

Happy College Football season to all!  Go Bucks!


Misty said...

you guys look absolutely beautiful, AS ALWAYS. Glad to see the new pics and to hear that you had a great time. Love you!


Tatum said...

Looks like you had a blast. I forgive you for choosing Dow Dow over me...just kidding, it's all good. The pics of you guys look great! So pretty. And the family pics are fab as usual :-)

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