Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Two by Two

Camden came home the other day with an assignment he had worked on in school. The directions on the top of the Noah's Ark themed assignment were...

Draw a matching animal so that you will have two.

Here is his precious artwork, which had my eyes streaming with tears of laughter and pride.

Tigers and tigers and tigers...oh my!

The Turtle and the turtle

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Curious George and his brother George W....:-)

We found Nemo! His time lost at sea has taken quite a toll.

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails!

That's SOME pig!

All kidding aside, I couldn't be more proud!
I give this assignment an A+ for talent and good humor. These are truly precious times.
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Samantha said...

Oh my! That is absolutly adorable! It is so funny when you get a chance to kind of see how they view things and what they take from them! Always a suprise!

 Tatum said...

I am up at 2:30 am cracking up laughing!! I love Nemo and the Pig that looks like a space ship!

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