Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh Mickey how we miss you!

We're back...from our first family vacation. I'd like to say we just returned after 2 months of a Disney trip, but the sad truth is that we came back after 5 days and just haven't taken the time to post...Thank you for your patience.

It was a wonderful trip. My lovely little dearies survived the plane trip although it was a rough trip for our laptop, which took a shower in the complimentary airplane drink (Sprite). I'm using said laptop to type this blog right now so needless to say the injuries were minor.

Where to begin...where to begin...

As you might have predicted we were packing into the wee hours of the morning and hit the sack at around 2:30 am. We set our alarms to go off at 5:30 so that we'd have plenty of time for our 8:00 flight. Our new rule of thumb should be what ever time we think we need to get up...take it back an additional hour and we should be perfect.

We woke the boys up with mom sporting the flashing Mickey Mouse ears I had brought back from my trip to California last year. We video taped our big announcement first to a sleepy Camden and then to a sleepy Jamison.
Camden's reaction to my flashing ears?...."It's too bright!" Not quite the reaction I had expected. He was more excited to hear that we were flying on a plane than that we were going to Disneyworld.

Jamison, in true Jamison form, ignored our calls of his name and jiggling him around and tried to continue his blissful sleep. He eventually sat up, found his binky, and flashed us a Jamison puffy faced smile...always so heartwarming.

We scrambled ourselves and our overly packed suitcases into the Tahoe, and headed out at lightning speed toward the airport...running a little behind. We had the unpleasant discovery that the tank was rapidly approaching the big red E and had to make a pit stop at a gas station.

After finally arriving at the blue lot parking we unloaded our two oversized suitcases, laptop bag, carryon bag, carseat, stroller and two little ones and ourselved onto the shuttle. I could almost hear the audible groan of the other passengers as the looked at all of our stuff.

Thankfully check in was a breeze and there was additional seating on the airplane which allowed us to strap Jamos into his carseat by the window. We were on our way!

Florida was hot and humid. We didn't care. Vacation is vacation.

We got our bags, and shuttled over to our resort The Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was quite a sight.

Once settled we set out to our first park - The Animal Kingdom.

It was just okay, which is why I'll quickly skip past it and get to...The Magic Kingdom
Now that's what I'm talkin bout! It was truly magical. The colors, the smells, the extremely friendly people. The kids felt like kids, the grown ups felt like kids. It really is the happiest place on earth. The pictures speak for themselves.

To infinity and beyond...

Wow, kids are driving younger and younger these days.  Does he look old enough to drive...?

Its so easy to sleep in the rain.  On this day it rained A LOT!

Fries anyone?

The gateway to magic...

 Gotta love that smile!

Two brave souls in our team took their chances on a water ride!

View from the hotel room.

Soft pretzels...perfect treat!

Photograpy by Camden...pretty good I think.
Flashing the secret sign :-)
The secret sign...again.
Enjoying a beautiful parade with lots of our favorite characters.
Cinderella's castle during the day was quite a sight to see.
Gorgeous mosaics portraying her fairytale...
The castle at night was truly breathtaking!
 We got a personal audience with several Disney favorites...
We even ran into these two unsavory characters...
...actually they were pretty savory to me...especially Mr. blue eyes
On our last night there we got great seats in front of the castle for the fireworks display.
...they left at least one of us dazed and confused
...and others of us HUNGRY
In the end we tried to take Mickey with us, but he wouldn't come.
...see you in a few more years Mickey. 
Thanks for a fabulous time!

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