Sunday, June 28, 2009

We're Off!

Our little family of four is heading to see that big mouse down South. We're heading to Disneyworld! This is our first family vacation, the first time my little ones will be on a plane, and the first time my littlest one will head out of state. I'm so excited and so nervous.

I'm a very nervous flyer when it's just me alone, but put my babies on a plan and I'm not sure we won't all need to be sedated. Thankfully we'll have the rock of our family "my dear hubby" to keep us all calm and in order. He'll have his work cut out for him.

We haven't told Camden we're going. We decided we'd wait until the morning of the trip to let him know. This will ensure genuine excitement and fascination in his eyes when we make the big revelation and also save us from days or even weeks of hearing the following:

"When are we going to Disneyworld?"

"Is today the day?"

"Is today the day?"

"Are we going tomorrow?"

"It's taking too long!"

"We're NEVER going to Disneyworld are we?"

"How long will it be before we go to Disneyworld?"

and on...

and on...

and on...

As you might expect we haven't packed a thing. My husband isn't worried at all. I however am a little unsure that we won't leave without something critical to the trip. My usual motto is, if we have the kids and my wedding ring, we can buy anything else we need and although I work best under pressure, I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this little or should i say GREAT BIG procrastination. Oh well, pack we must and pack we will.

So off we'll go to Florida, our little family of four and before you think I haven't thought about it, I completely understand that our little one year old won't remember anything about the trip and I'm fully expecting to be holding him for the whole vacation. I prepared to do what mommy's do. I'll make the best of it. In a couple of years we'll go back and watch the fascination in Jamos's eyes when we make the big announcement to him that we're going to Disneyworld...again!

We picked up a pizza last night.
Camden: Why can't I have a piece of pizza?
Mommy: The pizza is really hot!
Mommy: It's a hot like a hot tamale.
Camden: To which your Molly or to my Molly?
Disney Pictures Coming Soon!

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