Friday, May 29, 2009

The Color Purple

You and me, Us never part, Makidada

You and me, Us have one heart, Makidada

Ain't no ocean, Ain't no sea,Makidada

Keep my sistah way from me, Makidada

We took a family trip to the theater. It was a nice and rare outing for us. One of those things we love but almost never take the time to do. We went to The Ohio Theater and enjoyed Oprah Winfrey’s musical rendition of The Color Purple. Although we were slightly disappointed in our $70.00 seats (A man kept laughing and bouncing back in his chair, much to the dismay of my dad’s knee.)

It was nice to be out together. We enjoyed dinner at Mitchell’s Steak House. It was a high priced but very enjoyable meal.

We had 5:30 dinner reservations to give us plenty of time for an 8:00 show. The restaurant was beautiful and in grand womanly tradition, we took group trips to the ladies room to
“powder our noses”.

It was such a lovely dinner all paired off as couples.

Our men looked dapper and smelled so lovely.

We had a lot of laughs and even got to enjoy dessert, which is also an extremely rare treat.

The running joke at the table was the GIANT glass of tawny port that mom got.

...or was it the tiny glass of tawny port?

It was a warm, but windy day. We had a very nice walk over to the theater and got a few more pictures on the way.

The theater was beautiful as usual. Once we arrived at the theater we proceeded our climb to the nosebleed section...
...the $70.00 a ticket nosebleed section!

We took advantage of our lovely surroundings for another photo opportunity.

The show was great.

None of the songs we all fell in love with from the movie were in the show.
But alas, my old favorite songs from The Color Purple movie...

“You and me Us never part, Makidada”

Align Center
“Sistah, you’ve been on my mind, oh sistah we’re two of a kind…”

Maybe, tryin…to tell you somethin! Maybe…God is…tryin….I hear you Lord!”

...have been joined by some new favorites…

“Push the button…push the got to push it if you wanna come in”

“Dear God I love this woman, my friend Sophia,
Harpo he love her and he smile every time he see her,
Ain’t never seen nothing like it, Cow pushing the bull around,
Ain’t afraid of nothing when she lay her law down!”

“’When a man raise his hand...Hell No!”

“Maybe you're too beautiful, too beautiful for words”

It was a warm, breezy and happy ending to the evening.

We really should do this more often.

The End.

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Holly said...

I love musicals, but I've never heard/been to The Colour Purple. :)

Hahah the WV code for this comment is "singer"! How appropriate! :P

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