Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Menu

Well, the 2009 Christmas holiday season is upon us and mouths are beginning to water in eager anticipation of some very yummy Christmas dishes. Here's what's being served up at my family's holiday gathering.

  1. Ham - Mom

  2. Roast - Mom or Calista

  3. Sweet Potatos - Mom

  4. Deviled Eggs - Tatum

  5. Eggplant dish - Mom

  6. Greens - Mom

  7. Homemade Noodles - Andy and Von

  8. Shrimp Tree - Andy and Von

  9. Brocolli Casserole - Tatum

  10. Puppy chow - Calista

  11. Dutch Apple Pie - Dad

  12. EGG-Free Mac & Cheese - Calista
I'm full just looking at this list, but will give it that ole' college try on getting a sampling of everything on the menu. Hope your holiday is all that you dream it to be. God Bless you and yours.

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