Sunday, February 8, 2009


Cora is with Jesus today.

Okay, so I know I'm really new to this blogging world. I know that the only people who read this are my sister, Ducky and occasionally Sweet Pea, but I need whoever happens upon my blog to pray for precious Cora's family as she went to be with Jesus today. My heart is so broken over the loss of this lovely little one who I never knew personally. I am praying for God to strengthen Cora's parents. I am praying for God to strengthen my faith and belief that He is really there, that Cora is with Him, that those I have loved and lost in Him are with Him. I am praying for help in my own personal heartbreaks. I can't imagine that the tears I have shed today (and I've shed a lot) are anything like those of Cora's parents. Her parents faithfulness in not only asking for prayers for Cora but FIRST offering up praises through her short and devastating illness is a thing of beauty and an example to us all. It is a reminder that we should be faithful to God in not only the good moments, but in the moments of complete despair. Cora's life and death is a reminder to us "But for the grace of God go I...or my Camden or my Jamison". None of us is exempt, none of us is in control. It is God's timing, not ours. His plan and His will are perfect, even when we cannot understand it. Get close to those you love, cherish each moment with them, and most importantly get close to the God who saves.

God bless and keep you. Thanks for your prayers.

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Samantha said...

Thank you for your comment. It is almost refreshing to be able to meet other people that have been feeling the way I have. It is just SO hard to explain to others and even to yourself WHY I am taking it so hard... When I told my sister how I was feeling she told me it isnt "normal" and I need help... I kept thinking, "how can i not feel this way, how can SHE not feel this way". I think that sometimes we get a glimpse at just how vulnerable we are as mothers, you know... and to know that there are other mothers out there that are experiencing something that we can barely even think about... it is just so sad. No family should loose a child ever...

You have beautiful boys... and a beautiful heart. It is amazing how the blogging community has come together for these families. I never even CONSIDERED making a blog until I just feel so emotional about it all. I definitly can relate to what you said about needing to be close to them... I think it is a way to find comfort and grieve for them. I think I read every single comment on their blogs... I needed the comfort too i guess...

Anyways, so sorry this comment is forever! But Im glad you found me.

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