Friday, February 20, 2009

Have You Seen Me?

Bald headed bright eyed infant.

Authorities fear the child may have been EATEN by this kid:

The Notorious Curly Haired Bandit

Innocent bowl of chili or....?

Notorious may be traveling with his brother The TOOTHLESS TORMENTOR who he is believed to be grooming. Authorities fear that if the duo are not caught soon, that Toothless may suffer the same fate as the missing child above.

You may know these two as the sons of the dreaded Stone Cold who taught the pair everything they know and may also be traveling with them.

Stone Cold circa 2009

If you see these individuals or have any details about the bald ones whereabouts, please contact the authorities - aka - mommy!

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Samantha said...

haha! I will keep a look out!

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