Saturday, October 4, 2008

All Things Presidential

My dear Cammy has obviously been as interested in this presidential campaign as the rest of the country. He told me the other day that he had a dream of the unfortunate demise of Barack Obama. I listened intently. He went on to say in his dream it was going to happen in 48 days. Now, being that we were just under two months from the election and with the prospect of having our first black president, I thought my little boy might have had a moment of clairvoyance. I listened intently and asked “How did he die in your dream?” Expecting some awful response, I listened... “Well”, Camden said, “he was walking and he fell into a puddle with a big hole in it….”

So here’s a word of advice to Mr. Obama:

Be wary of puddles for the next month or so. Camden would be so sad if something happened to you.

Look...up in the sky! It's a's a's....Barack Obama?!

(to vote for Barack Obama)
(...or I'll hit you with this chicken)

Cammy Quotes...
(After watching an Obama campaign ad)
Camden: “Mom, I’m voting for Barack Obama."
Mommy: “Why”
Camden: “Because he has a message.”
(Two days later after watching a McCain ad)
Camden: “Mom, John McCain has a message too!”

Cammy Quotes - Take 2!
Camden: “Mom, I just saw Barack Obama on TV.”
Camden: “ I waved at him and said, Hi Barack Obama, I hope you win.”
Mommy: …Laughing
~I’m Camden’s mommy and I approve this message~

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 Tatum said...

Aww these posts make me happy and sad.

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