Monday, July 19, 2010

The Backup Plan

We were driving down the road on Sunday evening when I looked into the back seat of the car and saw my five year old with his thumb in his nose. Our dysfunctional conversation went something like this...

Mommy: Camden, get your thumb out of your nose. You're supposed to use a tissue!

Camden: This is plan B.

Mommy: What's plan A?

Camden: Plan A is use a tissue, Plan B is pick your nose, Plan C is take a piece
of apple and use it to pick your nose. (huh?)

Mommy: (Hands him a tissue)

Camden: I just need to see if I can feel something up there (inserts bare finger
into nose tissue)

Camden: Yep, there's something up there!

I imagine you're probably questioning my parenting, so let me be clear for the record:

1. I fully support Plan A.
2. I totally believe Plan B is gross but inevitable for a certain short period of a child's life.
3. I must admit I'm actually a little strangely curious to see Plan C in action...

...anyone curious to see what Plan D could be?



 Tatum said...

He is so clever. It's like he fully thought about what he was doing and had no fear of you catching him because it made since lol!!

Christopher Duckworth said...

I just want to know if he'll eat the apple afterwards... THAT would be great!

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