Saturday, November 29, 2008

Long Time, No Blog!

I have been very my blog. I sincerely apologize. I reeled you in, got you hooked and then...I abandoned you. loyal family. Well I'm back and I have some major updating to do. I started to get stressed out about my posts. Feeling like I couldn't add something unless it was off the charts funny or interesting. In my humble opinion, my previous posts were pretty amusing to my followers...all two of them. I have given myself permission to just stay on top of blogging regardless of the content. I'm sitting here on Thanksgiving weekend watching college football. Oklahoma just beat Oklahoma State 61 to 41. It was a good game. It's been a full weekend, but I'm getting ahead of my self. My next several posts are going to look back and highlight some of the things that have happened this fall, funny pictures and my random thoughts. At some point we'll get to the current day. At some point...but whats the rush? We've got plenty of time and lots to cover so let's get started. On second thought, its 11:54 and I am exhausted! I'm going to bed and will start posting again tomorrow. Nighty night!

Okay...I won't leave you without at least one picture. Here's lovely little Jamos in a basket taken just today. Boy if you could buy a Basket-O-Jamos in the stores, they would fly off the shelves. Oh...and as an added bonus please note the scandalous picture of my hip, thigh and! Talk to you tomorrow!

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